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Cultural Space

Image by Priscilla Du Preez
Activities for groups

In today's world we are increasingly stranded from people and this occurs for many reasons. The purpose of group activities is to bring people back together, providing new perspectives and brand-new viewpoints, exchanging experiences that can be very positive for our daily routine.

Tastings of Typical foods

This is one of the activities proposed for the groups, in order to discover new flavors and thus get closer to different cultures.
Experimenting with new flavors is always a source of new experiences, bringing us closer to what is far away and awakening us for new sensations.

Cultural Workshop

This is one of the activities proposed for the groups. While delivering the cultural workshop, we will always have a person connected with the country that we will be talking about. We will study the culture, perform typical habits from different places and exchange experiences...

Tours of the Cities

This is another activity proposed for the groups. The objective is to go to museums, restaurants, exhibitions and then talk about it, exchanging the old and the new experiences just acquired and proposing new behavior to others.

Group trip

One more activity proposed for groups. Traveling with friends does not always occur, but some trips need to be shared. We set up groups with similar interests for different and interesting trips. The goal is to share fun moments with others and meet new cultures and people.

Cultural Agenda

Coffee with kids

All Fridays start from 21.05.21
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