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Women's flexibility, motherhood and female entrepreneurship in Switzerland

Woman, since always, has needed to be flexible. She has needed to take care of her children, to raise them, male sons, female daughters, each for a different purpose. It's up to the woman to raise her children, just as it's up to the woman to be responsible for what her children will become when they grow up.

Much is said about financial responsibilities, but when a mother doesn't raise a son to be a man who fulfills his financial responsibilities, who has a family, the mother can be, and is, judged by society. Just as if the mother raises a woman to be strong, to fight for her own rights, to run after what she wants, she can also be a judged mother, if she raises an omitted daughter, she can also be judged. This society is based on judgments, based on the vision that the woman needs to be everything, to do everything, to be omnipresent. And in a way, we learn this in childhood. We learn to take care of the house, we learn to take care of the children, when we play with dolls, we learn to make food, when we have kitchens or when we are forced by lack of money, by lack of adequate family income to be the mother of the siblings to take care of the house, to take care of the food, and to omit childhood. Each child, each woman, has her story, has her pains and her joys and becomes what she has to become.

It is very much demanded of the woman to become someone that, perhaps, she doesn't want to be. Perhaps, that she be a perfect mother and she is no longer in the mood. Or maybe that she be a proper maid, even when her children are home sick, when she herself is sick, when she is pregnant, even though she earns much less than men. All this is reflected in the feelings, reflected in life, and reflected in the woman's achievements.

It would be good if people understood and respected the time, respected the limitations of the other. We, as women, would think of other women in this way.

As a mother, entrepreneur, and woman, I see that there is a great, and when I say great, it is really great, difficulty for foreign women to adapt in the job market for various reasons due to the culture and countless other situations that permeate their daily lives. But when these women have children, the local culture says that she is needed at home. So she cannot go out to work and leave her children.

In short. Many are the challenges that a foreign woman goes through. I would like you to know that we are all in the same boat. If you need support, we are here.

Big kisses and stay with God,

Bye bye

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